New Track on Katie Marrs 

Produced a guitar/vocal on the talented Katie Marrs.  A cover of the Katy Perry song Rise.

New York City Piano Summit 2017

We attended the NYC Piano Summit this week.  What a great experience!  We met producers, musical directors, agents, A&R execs for labels, colleagues from all over the world, vocal coaches, ENTs for the stars, and star piano players.  We shared…Read more

New Song with Bree Ogden

We've been working with Bree for over a year now and we are so proud of her progress and continued success. 

We are about to release her first song she ever wrote by herself.  Check out Bree at her website…Read more

Introducing Katie Marrs 

We have the pleasure of announcing a new talent to the scene. 

A vocal powerhouse of innocent soul and purity, Katie Marrs is a talent born and raised in Arkansas. She began singing for crowds at the young age of…Read more